Welcome to Medicine For The People, a place for out-of-the box-thinkers to stretch their perspectives on Life, living, health and healing, and where what makes something medicinal is based on its ability to heal and make whole. This perspective includes all of you and is based on what is simple, accessible, unique to you and traditionally used.

Let’s get right to it because we don’t have any time to waste. This blog is dedicated to Life and to the living of it. Which means of course that sometimes we will need to take a look at what it is that keeps us from living fully and well. We need to get clear, really clear on what we truly need to be healthy, happy and wise. The clock is ticking. With that said, Do Not Linger Here. The screen technologies are taking up ever-increasing amounts of our hearts and minds. Find what you need and move that discovery into the living of your life.

If you want to know if this is for you; it is for those who are willing to change on behalf of the children, on behalf of the planet, on behalf of the preciousness of their own lives and on behalf of the generations to come. There will be no apologies made, nor rationalizations offered. What will be said, will be said, plainly and simply.

Medicine For The People

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