Essential Questioning


The single most important missing question in our current mainstream healthcare approach is: What is Health? When we start to break this down, several questions become obvious areas of exploration. As in, Where does Health come from? What supports it? What undermines it?

This type of inquiry has not been the domain of the average person (if there is even such a thing). Instead, we have outsourced this role to the “experts.” But this has come at a cost. For when we give over such a central aspect of our humanness, without our deep involvement, we forgo personal responsibility, and the wisdom of direct experience.

Without personal responsibility we become as children in the doctor-patient relationship; doing what we are told without question. Without the  connection to our own personal experience (as opposed to being a statistic), we become severed from the wisdom contained within our own bodies, minds, feelings, sensations and even, symptoms.

Our current “health” care system is broken. This is evidenced in the 3.8 trillion dollars we spend as a nation; twice as much as any other nation. Spending this amount of money would be well-served if we had health outcomes reflecting a healthy nation. This is not the case.

For while we spend more than any other nation, we do not have the best outcomes. In some cases, we are closer to the worst. More than 60% of us have at least one chronic condition. And everything from asthma to ADHD to depression, anxiety, obesity and more, are on the rise. But you don’t need me to tell you this. This is something you can see with your own eyes. If you so choose.

It is time to take back your own health. It is time to claim full status when it comes to taking care of yourself.

This is a big ask. The biggest ever. And yet, it is what is before us now. We are being asked to know ourselves beyond the outdated. Beyond what is broken. And yes, beyond what is harmful.

This requires learning to discover the preciousness of who and what you are as you begin a journey into discovering what health means to you. So, What Does Health Mean To You?