Many of us believe that once things settle down in our life, once something changes, once someone starts or stops doing what they are doing, then, finally, we will get to what it is that we are really wanting to get to for ourselves. Maybe it is a book. A moment on our own. A new movement practice. A bath. Peace of mind.

Whatever it is though, we wait, or fight, or rage, or despair, hoping and praying that things will line up just so from the outside in so that we will finally have the space to be able to get to… Or to feel… Or get a chance to…

We may wind up waiting for a very long time. For some of us, that will be the equivalent of a lifetime.

Getting to what it is that we need to do for ourselves can only happen in any given moment. As in, right now. For the truth is, it is never an issue of some future configuration of things or other people’s actions, where the door will magically swing open, and there we will be; at the very place we have dreamed of. Finally.

Instead, what if it was about getting to what you need to get to for yourself, right now? With things exactly as they are. With not a single thing needing to be different outside of you.

If this makes sense to you, I offer you a powerful practice I have been working with. As I enter into my day with all that it asks of me from the outside world, I ask myself; “How can I make this work for me?” 

If you can get past the initial knee-jerk reaction that this is selfish, or that others will somehow be left out of the equation, or think ill of you, you will be gifted in the most unexpected and satisfying of ways. And literally, there is nothing you need to figure out or make happen. All that you have to do is to lightly hold that question in your mind as you move through your day. “How can I make this work for me?”

Try it.