Prioritizing Abundance

Raspberries, peaches, apples, tomatoes and more. All bursting and all coming at once. It is a magnificent sight to behold. At least it is on this day when I have the space and the time to give myself over to it. Lingering among raspberries, bees and hummingbirds, I pick up the same musky scent that has sent my dog off in hot pursuit of something. A bear? I would be honored.

I cannot help but realize that when we carve out space for the activities and ways of being that most support our basic human needs, we flow with abundance in body, mind and spirit. Why is it that things like doing what it takes to eat well, getting the rest we need, or carving time out for what most feeds us are seen as dreaded have to’s, indulgences or something that we have collectively agreed to ignore? We do this at our own peril. For within the “mundane” daily activities resides what is most important; that which structures, holds and lifts up our lives. Why do we so often act as if there are more important things to get to? Why do we squander our true abundance?