Showing Up

Have you ever had the experience of being deeply relaxed and open? Maybe you felt it in the early days of falling in love. Or, perhaps during a really expansive vacation. Maybe, after a good massage. How did it feel to be you in those moments? Can you remember? And how did you move through the world? Likely, you were more comfortable in your own skin and a lot easier to be around; kinder and less critical, more patient and less rushed, more go with the flow and less controlling.

All these, and more, are the rewards of a regular practice; especially when done daily. The action of returning over and over again to something that steadies, clarifies and calms begins to gift us, and therefore the world, with the very best of who we are. This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and by association, the world.

It does not matter what form it takes or for how long you do it. What matters is that you show up and open yourself to what the practice has to teach. Whether it is yoga, meditation, a contemplative walk, a cup of tea to catch up with yourself, or…it does not matter. What matters is the regular space you create to check in with yourself in order to see the truth of you and how things are really going. In yoga, that which reveals the truth is known as sadhana. What do you do that reveals the truth in your life?