The Herd


The herd has been spooked, and we are becoming ever-more afraid by the moment. More distrustful of others and what they may bring. More wary of contact. More suspicious of the benign.

As mammals, our herding behavior is built to insulate us against the dangers and stresses of Life. We are built by and for one another. To hold, nurture and protect each other during times of distress. It is our relationships with one another that heals the traumas of the past, bridges the terrors of the moment, and gives hope for the future.

Be very, very careful of where you let your mind go in these times for it can be felt and known by all of us. And like a barrel filled to the brink, it takes only one more drop to tip the barrel to overflowing. Therefore, choose the barrel you are filling carefully and wisely. For you may very well be the deciding drop to a world awash in fear. Or you may very well be the deciding drop for a world born anew with hope,Truth and possibility.

Never discount the role you play when it comes to the larger issues of the world. Just as one drop of ocean water contains, and is, the ocean itself, each and every one of us is the greater body of the world. Of the collective us. Of the direction our world will tip towards. Know the power of the part you play and choose your words, actions, thoughts and emotions accordingly. Nothing you do is insignificant. Nothing you do is separate from what is happening all around you.

Choose for hope, and then choose again. Choose for sanity, and then choose again. Choose for faith, and then choose again. Choose and choose and choose. Again and again. Ever-mindful of what you are choosing, and in all of the ways that your choices are rippling out, shaping and filling the mind of the one-bodied herd, and therefore our shared and collective reality.

What if just one thought by one of us could be the deciding vote? And what if that vote was yours, and yours alone?