I am in a yoga class where the teacher is emphasizing twists. She is encouraging us to initiate the twist by sensing into our backs, and then using that connection to press into action, as opposed to pulling or yanking ourselves around. Over and over again these instructions drop me into Something far greater than a yoga posture.

How many times a day do we twist and turn away from what is? From what is Real. So much of our daily living can be about pulling, yanking and forcing. Too often, without our even knowing what we are doing, we behave as if we can overpower Life itself and make it conform to our desires. We force and we fix. We push and we pull. We attempt to bend things to our individual will. And through it all, we regularly lose touch with the truth; It is not all up to us.

There is another way; a way that involves opening to a supportive hand at our back. Opening to Something we can lean into. Something that holds us. These days I am taking every opportunity I can to sense into the physical support available to me whenever my back touches something, or is being held by something. We can use the body as a doorway into Truth. But it requires our awareness. It requires our ability to be with the body beyond a reflection in the mirror, beyond our fears, and beyond the beliefs we carry about what the body should be doing or looking like. This way of being with the body has the potential of holding a central and sacred place in our lives that no outside “truth” can even begin to touch.