You Cannot


You cannot coerce a woman who keeps her own counsel.

You cannot control a woman who finds pleasure in the forest.

You cannot silence a woman whose voice is her own.

You cannot banish a woman who knows where she belongs.

You cannot command a woman who has charted her own course.

You cannot defile a woman who belongs to Something More.

You cannot cheapen a woman who knows the value of her own life.

You cannot punish a woman who knows the cause to which she owes her allegiance.

You cannot limit a woman who knows her soul to be without bounds.

You cannot steal from a woman whose treasures are beyond your reach.

You cannot own a woman who knows her worth.

You cannot possess a woman’s body who knows her wildest nature.

You cannot demoralize a woman who answers to a higher call.

You cannot impose falsehoods on a woman who has touched the Truth.

You cannot subjugate a woman who knows the power of being a woman.

You cannot…