Get Your Boots On

These are interesting times. Like it or not, this world we have inherited is created anew each day by all of us. And not just by the bad guys and the saints. How is this done? Through our thoughts, beliefs and actions which amount to the stories we create, live and share. These are burning times. Times filled with greed, hatred and violence. And these things are not only out there, they are in here as well.

I just spent a week away on retreat and in training. It was like boot camp for my mind and kid’s summer camp for my body. Over the course of a week, I followed fears, judgments and the smallness of my conditioned mind while maintaining a strict regimen of focus on what it is I truly desire: loving connection. I watched story after story unfold, ones that have been driving me and torturing me my whole life. And I kept moving. I kept dancing. And when I was able to claim all that I was bringing to the world, only then was I able to truly appreciate and connect with those around me. It was hard work and it was heaven on earth.

Yogi Bhajan, the famous head of Kundalini Yoga here in the West once said, “One-third of us are dying, one-third of us are going crazy and one-third of us have our boots and backpacks on.” For me, boots and backpacks on means you have determined yourself to be a spiritual warrior and you recognize that the battle is within yourself. Always. No more fixing or condemning anyone or anything. No more projecting fears.There is no work to be done out there, only in here.


(Thanks, Toni)