What Do You Care Most About?


I was recently introduced to a wonderful meditation technique. To try it, find 5 quiet minutes someplace. Anyplace. Sit with your eyes closed. Settle into your breathing. Begin to focus on something or someone that you really care about. Let images and feelings wash through you and over you. What do you care most about in all the world? Who do you care most about? (It could be you!) Focus on that for 5 minutes. Let it take whatever shape it wants to take. Notice how you feel when you are done.

Many people feel as though their minds are too active to meditate. And though it takes effort, the truth is, we are all capable of focusing our minds. When we were very young, this ability came naturally. The trick is to find a focus that anchors you in such a way that you remain engaged even when the ordinary mind goes wandering off all over the place. The simple act of returning over and over to our focus generates an awareness of ourselves and how our minds operate. And that awareness is what changes our inner and outer worlds. Can you imagine a moment in time when the whole world focused not on what it was afraid of or wanted to condemn or control, but on what mattered most to all of us? That would be heaven on earth.